Ahead of the times with an MAN van


From inventor of the diesel engine to pioneer for tomorrow’s world of transport. MAN is consistently pursuing its tradition as a driving force with visionary ideas and forwardlooking technologies: right on course towards the future.


Freight transport is undergoing rapid changes. The increasing scarcity of resources and the resulting higher prices for commodities are exceedingly pressing issues. And so are increasingly stringent restrictions on emissions and environmental protection regulations. As a pioneer of forwardlooking technology in the commercial vehicles industry, MAN offers alternative drive concepts and digital solutions for tomorrow's freight transport. MAN sets new standards with visionary innovations and creates the foundation for sustainable mobility: clean, efficient and intelligent.

From electromobility to MAN DigitalServices, we are offering everything you need to simplify your business with economical transport solutions and ensure your success. Today and in future. Always in line with our claim: Simplifying business. Simply mobile. Simply advanced. Simply individual.
Giving the decisive M-PULSE - that is our motto. For sustainable mobility, the vision of an emission-free future as well as efficient and economical solutions for tomorrow's world of transport.

Less smog with E-mobility

Alternative drives

Furthering climate protection, making the transition to alternative drive technologies easy and facilitating compliance with emission limits - all made possible by fully electric drive technologies from MAN.

With digitalisation to profitable business

MAN DigitalServices

More utilisation, more productivity, more efficiency: Tailor-made digital solutions for your MAN van enable you to reap the benefits of digitalisation and optimise your business.

Electromobility on the road


Fully electric for clean air and virtually silent distribution and long-haul transport: with the new eTGE, MAN is offering an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional internal combustion engines. People in metropolitan areas can finally breathe again - and sleep uninterrupted.


The new MAN eTGE is the perfect solution for metropolitan areas. No green zone or nighttime driving ban can stop it.

The clean solution for distribution transport

Environmentally friendly

Reducing exhaust and noise emissions amid ever-growing inner-city goods transport - MAN is making this vision reality: with an environmentally friendly and powerful electric drive. The MAN eTGE is already complying with ever more stringent environmental regulations and thus increasing the quality of life in modern cities.

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The van with economic advantage


Easy on the environment - and your wallet. Innovative electrotechnology means vehicle keepers are no longer at the mercy of dwindling resources and rising prices for fossil fuels. Fewer mechanical parts means less wear and lower maintenance costs.

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The perfect design for an elegant van


The groundbreaking MAN eTGE combines ultra-modern vehicle technology with tried and tested electronic components into a well-thought-out eMobility solution for the transport industry. Thanks to its short charging times, a reliable range of up to 173 kilometres and easy maintenance, it is the perfect solution for the daily challenges of the logistics industry.

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Digital solutions for your business success


Simplifying business with MAN DigitalServices: Simply ingenious – ingeniously simple. With tailor-made digital solutions for your MAN – and the success of your business.

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Optimising your business is easy with MAN DigitalServices . Split into basic and many additional advanced services, our digital services help you use your MAN more economically, ecologically, safely and comfortably than ever before. Benefit from improved utilisation, more productivity and more efficiency. Futureproof fleet management starts here - with MAN DigitalServices.

The digital platform for optimised business processes

MAN Essentials

Your free-of-charge start into the digital future: With MAN Essentials, you can view essential vehicle information at any time. Simply register your MAN on the RIO platform. This will automatically activate our basic digital service for you.

Your information for perfect fleet management

MAN Advance

Your fleet’s digital memory: With MAN Advance you have your entire MAN fleet completely under control – from status monitoring and drive evaluation through to individual trend analyses. You can analyse the usage data for individual vehicles or for the whole fleet over a time period of up to 25 months via the dashboard.

Your services for more benefits

Additional services

Benefit from the many additional services that can be booked and managed on the marketplace: MAN ServiceCare, MAN Maintenance, MAN Perform and MAN Compliant.


The transition to alternative drive systems often raises a number of questions that go beyond the vehicle itself - we help you find the right solutions to your individual challenges through personal consultations.

The perfect design for an elegant van
Individual consultation

From infrastructure to service and maintenance: MAN Transport Solutions offer customers individual consulting in order to successfully realise fleets with alternative drives. This is how the best economical solutions are worked out together with the customer. A main focal point of our expertise is the electrification of fleets for goods and distribution transport. Find out more in a personal conversation.

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Services and solutions for the entire fleet
Comprehensive services

MAN Transport Solutions offer tailor-made concepts, including the following consulting fields:

  • Analysis, simulation and optimisation of routes
  • Definition of optimal fleet allocation
  • Design of individual loading solutions
  • Energy management for maximum economic efficiency
  • Concepts for warehouses, workshops and driver training

Interested? Get in touch with us.

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"Giving the decisive M-PULSE" - This is the overarching motto under which MAN bundles the communication of all future topics and innovations. The focus is on sustainable mobility, the vision of an emission-free future as well as research, development and the successful implementation of efficient and economical transport solutions for the future. MAN is continuing its tradition with MAN M-PULSE - From inventor of the diesel engine to pioneer for tomorrow’s world of transport.

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