A MAN truck: the perfect workplace of the future


From inventor of the diesel engine to trailblazer for the transport world of tomorrow. Using visionary ideas and futuristic concepts, MAN is steadfastly continuing its tradition as a source of perpetual motion – straight into the future.


Goods transport is undergoing rapid change. Dwindling resources and concomitantly rising raw material prices are just some of the issues that are becoming increasingly relevant, just like the ever stricter legal requirements regarding emissions and environmental protection. As a pioneer of trendsetting technology in the field of commercial vehicles, MAN provides alternative drive concepts and digital solutions for the goods transport of the future. With its visionary innovative force, MAN is setting new standards and laying the foundations for sustainable mobility: clean, smart and efficient.

From electromobility to automated driving, we can provide you with everything you need to streamline your business with cost-effective transport solutions and consolidate your success – as per our aim: to simplify business. Simply mobile. Simply ahead. Simply unique.
Provide the crucial M-PULSE – that is our motto. For sustainable mobility, the vision of an emission-free future and efficient and economical solutions for the transport world of tomorrow.

E-mobility for less smog

Alternative drives: Electromobility

Forging ahead with climate protection, transitioning to e-mobility as smoothly as possible and keeping within pollution limits – all this is possible with MAN's fully electrical drive technologies.

Networked vehicles for greater safety

Automated driving

MAN brings automation to the streets. With platooning, MAN creates networked truck convoys that are coordinated with each other and reduce both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. And thanks to the driverless safety vehicle, MAN provides greater safety for roadworks personnel.

Using digitalisation for a profitable business

MAN DigitalServices

Greater capacity, greater productivity, greater efficiency: With digital solutions tailored to your MAN, harness the benefits of digitalisation to optimise your business.

The City Truck for urban distribution transport


Ergonomic, safe, clean: The new driving concept “CitE” for the City Truck brings a breath of fresh air to the city. With 100% more safety and maximum driving comfort while producing 0% emissions, this is pure innovation on four wheels.

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The entirely novel CitE is the concept vehicle that can revolutionise city logistics. Developed in consultation with MAN's customers, it responds directly to real-world needs. CitE thus provides greater safety in dense road traffic, optimal driving comfort and enhanced ergonomics – all while being emission-free. Its modular design also gives it the flexibility required for diverse applications. CitE lets cities breathe again – and with them, an entire industry.

Innovative design for greater safety

Leading the way. In every way

Ergonomics and design are of capital importance for CitE – thanks to its completely redefined vehicle and interior concept, it provides numerous ergonomic advantages and smart innovations, e.g.:

  • an unbeatably low step unit, wide door openings and barrier-free cross-cab access
  • maximum safety thanks to the low seating position, lower windows and 360° Birdview
  • a well thought-out storage concept – always within easy reach of the driver

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Emission-free for the city of the future

Efficient. No pollutants

Producing 0% emissions, CitE is an extremely clean new addition to urban distribution transport that is also quiet, which means that more night-time deliveries can be made. All this is made possible by a 220 kW electrical machine, which can run for a distance of 100 km depending on the driving operation.

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Safety brought to the streets

Safe. With new ideas.

Thanks to a low seating position and large, lowered windows, the driver always has a direct view of pedestrians and cyclists. The closed surrounding surfaces ensure minimal risk of injury upon impact with a person.

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The eTruck with the small ecological footprint


The MAN eTruck takes to its natural habitat – the city streets – to tackle the environmental challenges of the future. Thanks to its electrical drive, it combines effective distribution transport with urban environmental protection.

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With its environmentally friendly drive technology, the MAN eTruck is exceptionally well suited to urban goods logistics. The ideal distribution transport truck for a higher quality of life in the urban environment.

The future of inner-city distribution transport

MAN eTruck

The answer to increasing inner-city distribution traffic and ever stricter environmental regulations is quiet: The fully electric MAN Truck based on TGM drives with minimal noise and absolutely no emissions, while having the same payload as models with conventional internal combustion engines.

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Improved batteries for a longer range


Powerfully pushing ahead: The high-performance lithium-ion batteries, which are installed under the cab and laterally on the frame, enable an operating range of up to 200 km. Thanks to regular overnight charging and rapid opportunity charging during breaks, the MAN eTruck is ready to use at any time.

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Towards a cleaner city with electromobility

Ready for our customers

A vision becomes reality: The super-quiet eTruck from MAN, which is conceived for classic use in city logistics, is ideal for night-time food market deliveries, for example.

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Networked truck convoys for greater safety in road traffic


Road goods transport is reborn in an automated and interconnected future. And right at the forefront: MAN

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Automation is the key word when it comes to improving the efficiency of goods transport. With platooning, driverless safety vehicles and innovative assistance systems, MAN is taking on a leading role in this. The entire long-haul transport industry is benefiting from the networking and automation of vehicles which increases safety and economic efficiency on the road.

Autonomous driving reduces fuel consumption


MAN Trucks, which can be grouped to form convoys of two or more vehicles in a digital network, bring a whole host of advantages thanks to the reduced intervals between vehicles: increased road safety, fewer CO2 emissions and reduced fuel consumption.

Technology for more efficient logistics


MAN brings innovation to the streets. One thing always takes centre stage in this: increasing efficiency across the entire logistics chain by integrating pioneering technologies.

Research and development of truck platoons


Using government funding, MAN is already testing platooning on a 145 km stretch of the A9 motorway in Germany. With these test values under its belt, MAN is further strengthening its position in the field of autonomous and connected driving.

Automatically maintain distance between vehicles for fewer accidents

Safety vehicle

We've got your back – with the driverless safety vehicle for motorway roadworks, which follows behind your personnel and provides extra safety.

Digital solutions for business success


Simplifying business with MAN DigitalServices: Simply ingenious – ingeniously simple. Tailor-made digital solutions for your MAN – and for the success of your business.

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Optimise your business with minimal effort using MAN DigitalServices. Our digital services, which are split up into core services and many other services, support you in using your MAN in a more economical, ecological, safe and comfortable way than ever before. In this way, you can reap the rewards of greater capacity, greater productivity and greater efficiency. Future-proof fleet management starts here – with MAN DigitalServices.

The digital platform for optimised operations

MAN Essentials

Step into the digital future with no set-up fees. With MAN Essentials you can view essential vehicle information at any time. Simply register your MAN on the RIO platform. This will automatically activate our basic digital service for you.

Useful information for flawless fleet management

MAN Advance

Your fleet's digital memory: With MAN Advance you have your entire MAN fleet completely under control – from status monitoring and drive evaluation through to individual trend analyses. Via the dashboard you can analyse the usage data for individual trucks as well as for the whole fleet over a time period of up to 25 months.

Services for enhancing your performance

More services

You can book and manage many other services in the MAN Marketplace: MAN ServiceCare, MAN Maintenance, MAN Perform and MAN Compliant.


If the transition to alternative drive forms is throwing up a lot of questions that go beyond simple matters of vehicle features, we are on hand to help you in one-to-one exchange.

Face-to-face consultation for maximising profits
Individual consultation

From operations and infrastructure to services and maintenance: MAN Transport Solutions provides customer-specific advice in order to ensure smooth operation of the new drive systems and vehicle fleet. On this basis, the most economical solutions are developed together with the client. A focus of our expertise lies in the electrification of fleets in goods transportation. Find out more about this in a face-to-face discussion.

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Services for the entire fleet
Comprehensive services

MAN Transport Solutions offers up customised concepts in the following and other specialist areas:

  • Analysis, simulation and route optimisation
  • Defining of optimal vehicle concepts
  • Developing customised charging solutions
  • Energy management for maximum economic efficiency
  • Concepts for depots, workshops and driver training

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“Provide the crucial M-PULSE” – MAN's motto includes communicating all future issues and innovations, with the focus being on sustainable mobility, the vision of an emission-free future and researching, developing and successfully implementing efficient and economical transport solutions of the future. With MAN M-PULSE, MAN is continuing its tradition – from inventor of the diesel engine to trailblazer for the transport world of tomorrow.

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