Passenger transport innovation – with MAN Bus


From inventor of the diesel engine to trailblazer for the transport world of tomorrow. Using visionary ideas and futuristic concepts, MAN is steadfastly continuing its tradition as a source of perpetual motion – straight into the future.


Passenger transport is undergoing rapid change. Cities worldwide are constantly growing, and with them the challenges for urban passenger transport systems. Dwindling resources and concomitantly rising raw material prices are just some of the issues that are becoming increasingly relevant, just like the ever stricter legal requirements regarding pollution limits and environmental protection. A city's road to a high quality of life and outstanding image nowadays leads through the reduction of noise and air pollution caused by public transport systems.

As a pioneer of trendsetting technology in the field of commercial vehicles, MAN provides alternative drive concepts and digital solutions for the goods transport of the future. With its visionary innovative force, MAN is setting new standards and laying the foundations for sustainable mobility: clean, smart and efficient. From eMobility to transport solutions, we can provide you with everything you need to streamline your business in a cost-effective manner and consolidate your success – as per our aim: to simplify business. Simply mobile. Simply ahead. Simply unique.
Provide the crucial M-PULSE – that is our motto. For sustainable mobility, the vision of an emission-free future and efficient and economical solutions for the transport world of tomorrow.

E-mobility for less smog

Alternative drives: Electromobility

According to UN forecasts, over two thirds of the world's population will be living in metropolitan areas by 2050. In order to maintain the living standards under these conditions, a change towards sustainable urban transportation is indispensable: Noise, particulate and pollutant emissions must be reduced and eliminated entirely in the long run. Climate-neutral mobility solutions with zero emissions will define the concepts of the future. The innovative drive technologies from MAN are already freeing cities of pollution. The results are greater sustainability, a healthy population and an enormous image boost for urban communities.

Twice as efficient with hybrid drives

Alternative drives: EfficientHybrid

The gentle transition to alternative drive forms is called hybrid. The technological enhancement of gas- and diesel-fuelled buses with the hybrid module means that fossil fuels can be conserved efficiently. This makes cities cleaner and more liveable and vehicles more economical.

Fewer pollutants from natural gas

Alternative drives: Gas

The best alternative drive technology for internal combustion engines without the need to make substantial infrastructural investments. Simply integrating CNG buses into the existing network can reduce our CO2 footprint and enable the ever stricter pollution limits to be complied with into the future.

The e-mobility city bus of the future


The first fully electrical bus from MAN is ready for the challenges of the future. Entirely emission-free and exemplarily economical – the innovative drive technology conserves the environment and the budget in equal measure

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The MAN Lion's City E: With an environmentally friendly drive, high-performance technology and a futuristic design, this is the perfect bus for a more liveable city.

The electrically driven city bus

Fully electrical drive

100% environmentally friendly and 100% people-friendly: The new MAN Lion's City E features a novel, fully electrical drive. Not only does this make it entirely devoid of exhaust gas emissions – it also produces minimal noise when on the go. The city can therefore breathe freely – and enjoy the new-found silence.

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A charging column for electrical commercial vehicles

Flexible charging

Gone are the days of long charging breaks. Overnight charging and depot charging concepts mean that there is no need for direct charging on the route.

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The attractive rear view of the city bus

Suitable range for everyday operations

This eBus gets people moving and keeps on moving. The high installed battery capacity of 480 kWh (solo) or 640 kWh (articulated) and sophisticated technology ensure a reliable range of 200 km – up to 270 km under favourable conditions* – over the entire battery life. And thanks to the modular battery design, it can seamlessly adapt to future cell technologies.

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* Low operational demands in terms of average speed, loading, topography and air-conditioning

Gas-fuelled buses for less air pollution


The new city bus with its new E18 gas drive is the answer to constantly increasing volumes of traffic and increasingly stringent pollution limits. It can be integrated into daily operations with little infrastructural investment.

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Improve the quality of life in the city today with MAN Lion's City G: The new efficient gas drive effectively reduces the CO2 footprint and noise level.

Corrosion-resistant gas tanks for lower maintenance costs

Newly developed gas drive

MAN Lion's City G is the cleaner alternative to conventional internal combustion engines for our cities. The new E18 engine uses even less fuel than its predecessor, the CNG model. Additionally, it produces more power with a higher torque and simultaneously lower engine displacement and can carry more passengers. Less air and noise pollution from public transport translates into a significantly higher standard of living in urban areas.

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Cut costs with hybrid technology

Combining efficient drive technologies

Fuel can also be saved with the intelligent energy management system MAN EfficientHybrid. In this way, cities get a thoroughly economical and environmentally friendly vehicle that can merge seamlessly into daily operations. This is the best way to set the future in motion: cleanly, quietly, efficiently.

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Innovative bus design brought to the streets

Innovative design

MAN Lion's City G creates an innovative impression on the public at first sight. From the exquisite front with the long-lasting LED headlights to the striking rear with a piano gloss finish: an all-round accomplished design language lends it a refined and modern exterior. The interior also beguiles with its welcoming atmosphere and cleverly conceived details.

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The hybrid technology for city buses


Greater driving comfort – less fuel consumption: With intelligent energy management in the new MAN Lion's City city bus, MAN is developing environmentally friendly and economical solutions for the modern city transport of today.

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The new MAN Lion's City with MAN EfficientHybrid: quiet, efficient – and already prepared for the future.

Storing braking energy

MAN EfficientHybrid System

The ultramodern crankshaft starter generator recovers energy while braking to generate electrical energy for the ultracap storage. When the engine is started, this store converts electrical energy into mechanical. And when the vehicle is at a standstill, it supplies the vehicle electrical system with power.

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Efficiency in fuel saving

Energy-saving stop-start function

When used in combination with modern MAN internal combustion engines, the intelligent energy control offers numerous advantages:

  • Improved fuel saving
  • Fewer emissions
  • Silent stopping
  • Intelligent energy management
  • Durability of systems

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Fleet management made easy


If the transition to alternative drive forms is throwing up a lot of questions that go beyond simple matters of vehicle features, you can find all your answers here.

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For reliable and cost-optimised application of new transport solutions: We at MAN Transport Solutions support our clients in any way we can with their individual needs during the changeover.

Face-to-face consultation for maximising profits
Individual consultation

From operations and infrastructure to services and maintenance: MAN Transport Solutions provides customer-specific advice in order to ensure smooth operation of the new drive systems and vehicle fleet. On this basis, the most economical solutions are developed together with the client. A focus of our expertise lies in the electrification of fleets in urban passenger transportation.

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Services for the entire fleet
Comprehensive services

MAN Transport Solutions offers up customised concepts in the following and other specialist areas:

  • Analysis, simulation and route optimisation
  • Defining of optimal vehicle concepts
  • Developing customised refuelling and charging solutions
  • Energy management for maximum economic efficiency
  • Concepts for depots, workshops and driver training

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“Provide the crucial M-PULSE” – MAN's motto includes communicating all future issues and innovations, with the focus being on sustainable mobility, the vision of an emission-free future and researching, developing and successfully implementing efficient and economical transport solutions of the future. With MAN M-PULSE, MAN is continuing its tradition – from inventor of the diesel engine to trailblazer for the transport world of tomorrow.

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